5 Technology Trends Impacting The Workplace In 2020

The year 2020 is already well underway, and while some are left wondering about flying cars and other types of sci-fi technology, real breakthroughs are being made in other areas, including the workforce. Although some of these innovations have been around for a while, they’re increasingly being used in new and exciting ways. In otherContinue reading “5 Technology Trends Impacting The Workplace In 2020”

How a server can benefit your business

What is a Server? A Server is a powerful computer that holds data to be shared over a network. The Server responds to requests for information from other computers – it “serves” files, data, print, fax resources and more to multiple computers on the same network. The word “Server” used to conjure images of bigContinue reading “How a server can benefit your business”

COVID-19: How to stay safe when you come home from work

If you’re one of the many essential workers who may be exposed to COVID-19 during your daily work, here are some simple daily habits to keep you and your family safe when you’re transitioning from work to home. Before going to work Remove your watch and jewelry. Wear your personal clothing to work, but bring your workContinue reading “COVID-19: How to stay safe when you come home from work”

Good Cybercitizens Make the Internet a Safer Place

The Internet is a very powerful and useful tool when used properly. In the same way that we should not drive without buckling the seat belt or ride a bike without a helmet, we should not venture online without taking some basic precautions. The National Cyber Security Alliance reminds us that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility as anContinue reading “Good Cybercitizens Make the Internet a Safer Place”

How to avoid internet scams!

Cyberthieves can use the internet as a tool to rip off unsuspecting victims. Internet scams come in many forms, including emails that attempt to trick you into handing out financial information, pop-ups loaded with malware, and social media messages crafted to spark fake romantic relationships. The number of complaints of internet crimes jumped 17 percentContinue reading “How to avoid internet scams!”

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